My Revolt

-By Immaculata Daikpor

What must I do when this foreign world

is against me?

Take up arms or cover?

Break down or play indifferent?

Yet that may be when I have found my footing on

this map.

I do not know this world yet

or its norms and conventions.

I’m but an observer

As life plays solitaire before my very eyes.

I am new to this world where I influence nothing,

my charisma is useless,

my aura unfelt.

Yet I was in search of another being and not finding,

I am in revolt.

Not renegade style with machetes and arrows,

But a silent revolt

Against my former being

Against my reserve, my solitude

Because my silence was too loud;

The strength of its voice filled my head

It was there in my thoughts, opinions and views

And it made me weak,

Defenseless when perhaps I should have fought back.

Consequently, I am an irate warrior

Fighting unseen battles

So my life may no longer unfold before me

Without me.
But the bashful me is relentless

She thinks, ‘One is a foreigner but a short while

You will adapt to this world 

Where though powerless and shunned,

You find peace in your reserve.’

And so I think, quickly in my fortress

Before reasoning hits me again:

I like to be weak at times.

Strength is demanding and insatiable,

But weakness is content and mild

A push-over and a puppet;

So I will reign in my silence

Monarch of my two polities

I will be strong and mild,

Weak and firm

Reigning over two worlds,

The best of both.

P.S: Immaculata is a teenage wonderful writer, you can read her previous work here.

Happy Birthday Immaculata!

Out of State

Pictures are mine except otherwise stated.

Pictures are mine except otherwise stated.

The word ‘fog’ became known to me when I was seven years old, my mother had used the word in a song she had just learnt and was so eager to teach us – my siblings and I. It was a song that had ‘rain’, ‘plain’, ‘fog’ and ‘Spain’ in it and for many days we sang that song, until the craze of a new song died down or was it that we learnt another one? I think the new song was about birds, birdhouse and had coo-coo in it.

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